Product Management Learning Roadmap 1.0

Azzadiva Sawungrana
2 min readMar 31, 2022

The Preface 🤔

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Product Management is arguably one of the most important subject in the startup world since it is the way we create great products and its derivates needed by the market. It is, ultimately, the reason why the organization exists. Once the product fails, the company needs to come up with a new one. That’s why management of product would be essential for each, to prevent product mistakes and to compete in bleeding edge markets.

I have several years of experience in Product Management, particularly in B2B SaaS. I would not say I am the best at telling you what to do to understand Product Management, but at the very least, I am willing to share what I learn all these years. From the start of understanding your industry to perform marketing campaign your product.

I got the luxury of trials and errors in the company I had worked in and I believe you should not experience those. The errors came, mainly, from the difficulties understanding how do I grasp the quintessence of Product Management, what is the beginning process, and what is the end. It puzzled me at first as there were tons of materials on the internet, yet, not one truly explained from end to end process of Product Management. There is one particular Product Management process which was very useful at the start for me: Open Product Management Workflow. However, there were parts it did not cover, so I was beginning to form my own structure.

I created this Product Management Learning Roadmap to map what we need to learn and understand Product Management at large. I added essential parts of each process. There might be lots of mistakes in my writings, so please comment if you found one or you feel it does not fit with the process. I originally wanted to create this in the open source project. However, I found that the maintainer is a bit too busy with the existing commits. That’s why I decided to start with my own medium post.

I definitely will add each process with links for you to learn. So, this post will be updated several times. Please feel free to provide me with some inputs to improve this roadmap.

Product Management Learning Roadmap 🏫

Useful links

I will write links of each process down here. I might write the details on other posts one by one, so it will take some time.

Please feel free to provide suggestions or critics on the comment section.