We are living in a virtual reality, aren’t us?

Azzadiva Sawungrana
2 min readApr 2, 2021
Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

Have you ever watched Sword Art Online? It is an anime, a Japanese-styled cartoon, which has a unique story about MMORPG. It told us about the future of MMORPG which was supported by virtual reality devices. Those virtual reality devices then brought us to a new level of gaming, full-senses game, you would feel like you really live in this virtual world. The main character was Kirito who was so talented and became one of the level finisher in this anime. But the game itself was hacked by its own gamemaster, and he made a shocking, yet amusing rule, the players were set to a critical condition, if they could not finish the game or in other word if they died in the game they would be also dead in the real world. They should finish the game to come back to the real world. Aaand little by little they had become accustomed, they feel like it’s their own world, which they might do something that they could not do in the real world. It is scary.

I don’t want to tell the story. I want you to contemplate, what if that real world is actually a virtual reality. And we all are accepting that this world is our only world because we are the descents of our first ancestors that don’t have any single idea of our real world. We even forget what is the purpose of this game. Maybe some people are trying to find what is that purpose, and they want to finish it. Some people are so curious, they have a lot of questions, they study about what is happening in our world, how is the mechanics, how is the happening processes, etc. They want to understand this world. Some people believe in the Game Master’s manual, some people don’t. Some people just want to enjoy this world.

Where is our real world?

How is it?

Who is the Game Master?

Are we really living in a real world?

Are we living in the inside of virtual reality inside another virtual reality?

Have you ever thought when you dreamed about being a butterfly? Are we humans that dreamt about being butterfly, or are we butterflies that dreamed about being human?

Oh you can use that lyric :
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
I don’t want to argue. Think for yourself.

Sorry for bad English. No, there’s no potato.

Wonosobo, Feb 8th 2016